Welcome, Taft

The first cria arrived last week. When we first started to breed alpaca, when Julia was still a young child, we decided that all the animals born here should be named after Presidents and First Ladies. The exercise required that she do a little bit of research and tell us something special about the name. Every summer when we're expecting cria, Julia develops a list of her favorite names. We have all parties represented -- Democrats, Republicans, and even a few Whigs. We don't stick to gender conventions, either. We have a female Madison, for example.

Our newest cria is Taft and his mom, Rachel, is a wonderful and attentive animal. Taft was 18 pounds at birth and has continued to put on weight.

We've had a bit of excitement of a larger sort. A local cattle farmer houses keeps some of his beef critters at our next door neighbor's farm. A few of the cattle broke through the fences and ended up in my rhubarb patch. No bull; there was a bull.

#Cria #Alpaca #Bull

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