The Website Is Live

It only took me 11 years, but I finally have the website for Columbine Hill Alpaca Farm up and running. After sharing it with my harshest critics, my husband and child, I've asked my friends on Facebook for feedback

The feedback was great and helpfully constructive. One friend told me that she wanted to know more about the animals. Another asked why one would knit with alpaca fiber. A third friend said that she liked its simplicity and I agree that websites with TMI are just no fun to navigate. I figured a blog might help supply that sort of detail while keeping the website simple.

I will vow to try to keep this interesting and useful, and not too much like one of those Holiday Newsletters that highlights only the good things.

This is, after all, a farm. Things break, die, leak, rust, and do not go as planned. And that's just referring to me.

This is an old picture from a fall day, but given this spring's temperatures, it isn't all that out of place!

#Alpaca #Spring #Website #Farm

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